Meet Jennelle.

The first time we saw Jennelle we knew right away she was absolutely perfect for FINDOT. I mean,
one look at her and you can just tell, right? She fits our brand—and our outfits—flawlessly.

When we first started FINDOT in 2006, we had a dream to create a unique online boutique and
provide our shoppers with gorgeous, affordable clothing without surrendering quality, style or
inspiration. We had the vision and the incredible European-style clothes. All we needed was someone
to showcase them. With bold, trendsetting lines and the dreamy effect of ruffles and lace, we needed
someone with the right look to bring our vision (and our clothes) to life.

The model cards arrived from the agency and we thumbed through them, looking at all the beautiful
faces and picturing them wearing our boho-chic vintage. When we landed on Jennelle’s picture, we
knew we had found our angel. Instantly we loved her natural beauty and her incredible smile.

The first time we photographed her it was a dream come true. Jennelle’s beauty is easy to capture
(just look at her!) and she looks fabulous in every outfit. Whether she’s wearing a bold bodycon
dress, a cute embroidered crop top or a flowing ruffled blouse, she truly captures the magic of every
look and helps our shoppers imagine themselves in the same piece. And that’s exactly what we want:
you to find out what you love and feel good wearing it.

Our beautiful boho looks needed a beautiful boho angel—and we found her. Now, are you ready to
find what you’re looking for? Let’s shop, with Jennelle.