Find Out: Bold Outerwear

Whatever style you’re looking for, our incredible coats are sure to meet your needs.

Hello bold outerwear. When it comes to outerwear, maximalism is definitely in style! Especially
European style.

Our gorgeous, one-of-a-kind coats are exactly what you need to turn heads and feel confident when
you step outside. Crafted with high quality fabrics, all our coats are incredible additions to your
wardrobe. When we design our fabrics, we look to create a mid-century look fit for a queen—like
Athena! Everything is good enough to be worn with a crown. These photos were taken in a magical
place in Topanga where everything came together perfectly and fit my imagination perfectly.

Handwoven embroidery coats will add incredible detail to your outfit and give you that boho-chic
look you’re after. These multi-colored pieces add a pop of color to more subdued looks, too! If it’s
flowing floral outerwear you’re in search of, look no further! Our collection always includes feminine
floral details that add a touch of class to your closet. And if you say the bolder the better, we’ve got
you covered there too. Our loud animal prints, oversized faux furs, and bright graphic designs will
suit your wild style perfectly. Made for your wild nature or elegant city style, we even have fancy 3D
printed pieces! Like we said: hello, bold outerwear.

Whatever your outfit, our coats are sure to help you make a statement. We recommend pairing
bolder coats over more neutral colors and pairing soft, natural, flowing coats over bright prints. And
don’t forget to add in accessories to complete your look.

At FINDOT, we want you to find out what you love. Whether it’s quiet or loud, neutral or made to
make a statement, our coats are sure to suit your needs. High fashion coats are all the rage in Europe
right now.

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